My first YouTube video <3

the silent wave

OK, I promise I’ll get back to “regular” posting soon!  Hopefully over our long weekend.  Maybe even this morning, if I can pull together enough coherent words.  😉

I just wanted to leave this here, for those who want to see it…

My first video/vlog (!)

I did it last night, on a 5-year-old desktop Mac that hasn’t been updated in about as long (lol).  I was relegated to the most basic of OS-onboard software, with zero editing capability (lol).  So, it’s raw and honest.  It’s also a bit choppy, both in terms of filming (its desktop is cluttered, and the computer “hangs/freezes” momentarily, every few seconds), and in terms of my “script” (I barely had one, and I’m totally new to this!)

It’s weird, seeing yourself in realtime on a computer monitor.  It’s weirder yet to hear your voice being played back to you.  Sort of haunting, in a…

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