Getting more autistic

yarn and pencil

A number of times in the last couple of years I have said to Lovely Husband that I am getting more autistic. I think it is to do with the menopause. The article I have copied and pasted below deals with this. It doesn’t answer all my questions but I’ve found it very helpful and I’m thankful to another blogger for directing me there.

To be clear, I am not the author of the following article. I searched the website for a contact so that I could seek permission to publish it but could find none. It seems the website was last updated in 2011.

Accessed from on 11/11/2017 Author: A.M. Baggs, 2004.

“Help! I Seem to be Getting More Autistic!”

What’s this about?

Every so often, someone says, with perplexity, “I seem to be getting more autistic. I don’t know why, and I know that doesn’t sound possible…

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