Fingers [autistic poetry]

the silent wave

I’ve often been inspired to “rewrite” my own “lyrics” to other peoples’ songs.  I’ve been doing this practically my whole life, and my mom did it once, too.  We’ve been around this block before on this blog 😉 and I think it might be time for another go-round.  The song in question this time is “Uneasy” by Laika (link to YouTube track with static image), a college/university-radio trip-hop, deliciously evasive and maneuvering, with a calm, sultry voice singing resigned words.

My own “lyrics” to this song don’t fit exactly, but with a listen and a read-through, you can probably guess where I’m going and how it is.  An artistic rendition, if you will, of a push-back/resistance against the chronic bullying I endured for years.  The piece itself was written in December 2005.  ❤

I disappoint you
You trouble me
I annoy you
You give up on me

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