All the Words I Need To Say: A Letter to My Grandmother as Death Approaches

So Much Stranger, So Much Darker, So Much Madder, So Much Better

I love you

I love you more than my innumerable words can say. More than this human mind knows how to process.

My love for you fills my body to the bursting. From fingertip to fingertip, my love for you pours out, unable to be contained, strengthened by the unwavering love you have always shown me.

For you have been a constant presence, so much more than what a grandparent typically is. You have, and always will be, my third parent and so much more.

You are my first teacher. From learning to string together letters to form the words that would come to be my escape, my passion, my life-breath, to the numbers added together, always building, a sense of security I carry with me.

Hippopotamus. The first word that recollection calls forth when I think of all you taught me. The word I have scrawled across my leg…

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