I am autism

Pressed 📝Tes

You speak and everything is in slow motion.

Yet nothing sounds clear .Your words sound like a robot through my ear .

You send instruction and await my behavioral composure in favor of what you’ve asked .

And I fail Everytime because words hit my ear and enter my mind the unscramble is a task .

No I’m not disobedient !

Yes I hear you ! My ears are not deaf ! Don’t scream ! No loud noises no loud noise I rock back and forth.

My thoughts are constantly rearranging as they flow from your mouth to my ears .

But in conversation you await an answer never knowing my mind is unscrambling the puzzle of your words to find it’s proper context .

It’s too late they are all irritated with my pace

Stop it i am not demonstrating incompetence .

I plead for your patience

I can’t…

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Why I “can’t possibly be Autistic”, Reason #3: I’m not THAT rigid, right?

The Misadventures of Mama Pineapple

Over a decade ago, when I was working as a low-level administrator in a university student support unit, I remember a student who was a regular and frequent visitor to our service. He came in virtually every day. He spoke in a staccato, “mechanical”-sounding voice. He always wore the same choice of clothing: blue outdoor coat; dark tracksuit bottoms; white polo shirt. In all the time he was studying at that university, I never remember him wearing anything different.

I was, and am, nothing like him, right?

My mum used to work with a boy who ate Chicken McNuggets every day for lunch. Always the same number of pieces, heated to the same exact temperature. The local McDonald’s staff knew him well, and understood what he wanted, and needed.

I was, and am, nothing like him, right?

Whatever I watched, heard, or read about autism, I couldn’t relate to. I…

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#MeToo ~ Chapter 4: The ‘Boss’

the silent wave

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I was going to work on some projects today. I had even brought my laptop and thumb drive. I made sure I had all my plug-in chargers with me. I was committed, focused, determined.

But thoughts have their way of elbowing in, butting in line and shoving everything else aside.

Today, just now, my thought was: I need to write this. I need to get it out there and out of the way. I need to share it for the people who might need to read it. My apologies to those who wish to be done with this issue already. But we all know that the truth is, it has never really gone away. It shouldn’t go away until it Goes Away, if you know what I mean. So, maybe it’s OK that today, I tell my fourth and final “Me Too” story.

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