SPARK! This Shit | Autistic Ambassadors & Activists of #TheAutisticUnion Respond

sparklogoTo Date: 

  • SPARK is a company collecting a huge number of DNA samples from Autistics to figure out how to stop Autism or stop Autistics. 
  • Recently Spark Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Sarah Elliott Carpenter, requested to advertise in the Autistic Worldwide Collective private group on Facebook. 
  • John Greally, Autistic Ambassador (NZ), communicates with Spark, discusses their anti-autistic research, and then rejects SPARK involvement in Autistic community. (Read)
  • Dallas, Autistic Activist (US), follows up with her message about how Autistics can really be helped — now, today. (Read)
  • Eve Reiland, Autistic Ambassador (US), has been slapping #resistance at SPARK Facebook advertisements. (Read)
  • Luciane Hatadani, Autistic Ambassador (Brazil), shares a screenshot of her SPARK response.
  • Known SPARK Affilations: Alison Singer, SFARI, Autism Speaks, MSSG Project, Simons Foundation Powering Autism Research for Knowledge, Autistic Eugenics & Extermination.

eve reiland

Eve Reiland, Autistic Ambassador (US), Get’s Slap Happy with Activism on the SPARK ads.

Awesomely, more Autistics jump in to advocate for our community.

Posting screenshots below of those interactions. THANK YOU EVERYONE for your hard work and incredible dedication. ❤ ❤ ❤

#Resist This Shit.

Protect your Autistic’s DNA from being used to prevent future Autistic birth. Tell them, and their saccharine marketing, OH HELL NO. We are worthy of life, culture and community.

#strongertogether #weareworthy ❤ ❤ ❤

Autistic Community Responses – If you have a screenshot please share with Eve on facebook messenger, in the private Autistics Worldwide thread, or email ❤


NOTE: Below, this is that Autism Awareness ignorance that saturates our Autistic community. This is also the moment in a different campaign I realized, OMFG, I had much bigger fish to fry than these small taters. 


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