SPARK! This Shit | Autistic Ambassadors & Activists of #TheAutisticUnion Respond

International Badass Activists

sparklogoTo Date: 

  • SPARK is a company collecting a huge number of DNA samples from Autistics to figure out how to stop Autism or stop Autistics. 
  • Recently Spark Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Sarah Elliott Carpenter, requested to advertise in the Autistic Worldwide Collective private group on Facebook. 
  • John Greally, Autistic Ambassador (NZ), communicates with Spark, discusses their anti-autistic research, and then rejects SPARK involvement in Autistic community. (Read)
  • Dallas, Autistic Activist (US), follows up with her message about how Autistics can really be helped — now, today. (Read)
  • Eve Reiland, Autistic Ambassador (US), has been slapping #resistance at SPARK Facebook advertisements. (Read)
  • Luciane Hatadani, Autistic Ambassador (Brazil), shares a screenshot of her SPARK response.
  • Known SPARK Affilations:Alison Singer, SFARI, Autism Speaks, MSSG Project, Simons Foundation Powering Autism Research for Knowledge, Autistic Eugenics & Extermination.

eve reiland

Eve Reiland, Autistic Ambassador (US), Get’s Slap Happy with Activism on the SPARK ads.

Awesomely, more Autistics jump…

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