Seeking Autistic Sensory Survival Kit Donations | #TheAutisticUnion

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donation flyer editedHelp Autistics in your community today.

Tis the Season! Autistics must manage increased social interactions, sensory overload, and abrupt routine change to enjoy the family holidays. This becomes more complicated when travel and overnights from home are in the plans. Often Autistics are challenged with an entirely new sensory experience to regulate. This can be overwhelming, and even include physical pain as a response.

Awesomely, adaptive technology and fashion can help us cope. Sadly, what we need is often too pricey, and not covered by insurance. The good news? You can help!

Right now, donations are being sought for items that can help Autistics manage their environment, and create a more comfortable holiday season with loved ones.  Autistic Sensory Survival Kits will be delivered to community-area Autistics.

In-Kind donations are welcome and tax deductible. 

Sensory Survival Kits will be delivered to Autistics via in-person or shipped to…

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