SPARK! This Shit | Autistic Ambassadors & Activists Say “Oh Hell No” to DNA Samples


  • SPARK is a company collecting a huge number of DNA samples from Autistics to figure out how to stop Autism or stop Autistics. 
  • Recently Spark Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Sarah Elliott Carpenter, requested to advertise in the Autistic Worldwide Collective private group on Facebook. 
  • John Greally, Autistic Ambassador (NZ), communicates with Spark, discusses their anti-autistic research, and then rejects SPARK involvement in Autistic community. (Read)
  • Dallas, Autistic Activist (US), follows up with her message about how Autistics can really be helped — now, today. (Read)
  • Eve Reiland, Autistic Ambassador (US), has been slapping #resistance at SPARK Facebook advertisements. (Read)
  • Known SPARK Affilations: Alison Singer, SFARI, Autism Speaks, MSSG Project, Simons Foundation Powering Autism Research for Knowledge, Autistic Eugenics & Extermination.

John Greally, Autistic Ambassador, New Zealand, Communicates With SPARK rep, Sarah Elliott Carpenter.

This message was prompted after Carpenter requested to join and advertise in the private Facebook group, Autistics Worldwide.

[Response to the Marketing And Public Relations Manager at Vanderbilt Kennedy Center (SPARK) after she requested permission to advertise in the group]

Hi Sarah,

SPARK is assisted by and complimented by both Autism Speak$ and their MSSNG project, both hated by autistics. That alone is guilt by association. But there is more. SPARK is involved in collecting genetic samples and assaying Autistic genes, without any assurance to Autistics that their work will not make possible or hasten mass-eugenics, and without any basis to be able to extend such a assurance either.

I am involved in educating Autistics why precisely they should NOT support SPARK.

Being involved in the work you do, no matter how unaware or ill-informed that choice is, your efforts are part of yet another runaway case of technological knowledge outstripping moral knowledge and safeguards.

If I invited you to participate in a DNA project that would document the genetic characteristics of the extended Carpenter Family, and you KNEW there was public hostility to the Carpenter’s continued existence from a significant quarter, and you KNEW it was possible to eventually develop a means to identify Carpenter DNA, root and branch, and also to then develop a means to expunge all trace of it, pre or post birth… would YOU participate and encourage your relatives to get onboard?

I think not.

Neither would I do that to my neurologically diverse brothers and sisters.

It takes many people, not one, to create a cataclysmic tragedy for this world. In the past, only some, usually higher-up, were allowed to see what role they were contributing to such a tragedy. Even when alerted, many still continued. If you cannot get a categorical written guarantee that your work will never lead to such an evil result, then you too have made a choice to play with so many lives.

With the late Professors Sir Jereme Lejeune and Dr William Lilley and other leading geneticists and fetologists, I have also worked purposely to warn those developing Nuchal Transparent Tests, Chorionic Villi Sampling (Amniocentesis), Alpha-feto Protein Testing, and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Testing, etc. of what they are REALLY involved in, what the MAIN use of such advances would inevitably be.

As a result, the near-global eugenics campaign inflicted on Downs has seen a rise from low abortion-rates to over 94% aborted in some nations. [Discrimination on the basis of Disability or Difference]. Hundreds of Thousands of lives expunged for being different.

Some of this you are already aware of, being in your field.

Given that knowledge, you cannot say you are in the clear, not responsible, and certainly not any longer with the very serious warning I give you.

Perhaps you would not mind if my son or his children were the last autistics ever, and got to endure the immense loneliness of such grotesque destruction of their kind. But I do. Very much.

After consulting with other autistics (the Admins), I must also ask you to leave the group – as an anti-autistic engaged in anti-autistic research.

Yours autistically,

John Greally, Autistic Ambassador, New Zealand

DallasDallas, Autistic Activist, US, Follows up John Greally’s Response With This Communication to SPARK

. . . I showed your letter (John Greally’s, above)and followed it up with my own response: 

In short, when dealing with actual disease, yes, precision medicine can be beneficial. The issue we take with this as it regards Autism is that they won’t come right out and guarantee that their research results will never be used to “remove” autism. It looks more and more like eugenics, not research for understanding.

If these organizations really wanted to help the autistic community, they’d better serve by turning their resources to actual, real advocacy. Petitioning for better inclusion in the workplace. Better access to assistance and services in the public education system. Education for hiring personnel, managers, teachers, and school support staff. Funding services and assistance to adults on the spectrum who, thanks to DSM-V, no longer qualify for aides or help of any kind even though they are barely able to function on their own as it is. 

CHANGE in how autistics are viewed, and treated, is what we need. This must occur if our kids are to live better lives than their parents have. Progress cannot be made as long as we continue to fund organizations that look at Autism as a disease. We need better education, not better drugs. And we don’t need to become the GMO of the human gene pool.

Previously Eve Reiland, Autistic Ambassador (US), Get’s Slap Happy with Activism on the SPARK ads.

#Resist This Shit.

eve reiland

Protect your Autistic’s DNA from being used to prevent future Autistic birth. Tell them, and their saccharine marketing, OH HELL NO. We are worthy of life, culture and community.

#weareworthy ❤ ❤ ❤


NOTE: Below, this is that Autism Awareness ignorance that saturates our Autistic community. This is also the moment I realized, OMFG, I had much bigger fish to fry than these small taters. 


4 Replies to “SPARK! This Shit | Autistic Ambassadors & Activists Say “Oh Hell No” to DNA Samples”

  1. I feel awful that SPARK for Autism coaxed me into this bull, I wish knew more than I did and did more research but there is NOT much to research on because they only give you the good things/reviews and not the bad like they are only looking for mostly the child autism genes because they want to get rid of people like me EARLY, I noticed that there were tons of autism teens and adults in this study but they ONLY focused on children in the research studies I guess for sympathy, more sob stories and to get more research funding for their crazy eugenics like beliefs because they fail to realize the meaning of Autism nor understand that it’s NOT a childhood illness but a neurological condition that affects EVERYONE not just kids! (RED FLAG) now they have my autistic DNA and who knows what they are going to do with it! It’s Eugenics at it’s finest! If they spent more time on getting more job services, housing services, helping autistic homeless, NOT treating autism like it’s a mental illness or cancer or give any kind of GOOD services/and understand more for not only for me but ALL adult autistics and teens that phase out of the services because of age. (Note: The services for children are not any better but are better than the ones that the teens and adults have if they are even available) I think I would be more happy and would have more to offer to the world, I would have some kind of job or something to do that is helpful. Two $25 Amazon Gift Cards are NOT worth the damage that these people inflicted on me and other autists!


    1. Not to mention side note here: my mother felt leery so she said to me after I did the SPARK test later “I wished you had talked to me before you did anything because this didn’t sound right”. We were on hold with SPARK on a 3 Way call for which felt like an hour or more and to see where my mother’s kit was because she thought it might help me at first to understand me more but she had a change of heart. My mother said to me while we were on hold “I don’t like any of this one bit, It’s suspect, what are they going to do with the DNA after this, I’m not doing this test and your dad said he’s not doing it either because I don’t know their motives are and there is NOT enough research or feedback to back this up.” So when the lady came back on the line my mother said to her “hypothetically, if we did send all our kits in when would my daughter get an result?” and the lady said “we don’t know, but it takes 12 months or more and some people never get an result.” So my mother said “how is this helpful to my daughter having results years from now or never? We need answers now, not years, she needs help now!” and then we hung up because my mother started to ask the lady more questions that either she didn’t know or she just didn’t want to talk about and my mother got tired of trying to ask her things that weren’t even being answered. That being said from my point of view who is REALLY being helped here though? Is it SPARK or is it autists?


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