That’s a wrap – Proud Autistic Living

By Rochelle Johnson Âû @ ProudAutisticLiving

Well, that’s a wrap. The ten principles of Âû and my thoughts and reflections about them have been covered. It’s been a challenging exercise to articulate some of the feelings and thinking that sits deep within me. These 10 principles really do encapsulate a lot about what it means to live as a proud autistic person in a non-autistic world.

In a sense, I long for the time when these ten principles would be obsolete and not needed because all of the stuff within them was inherent to the culture in which we live and breathe. But, alas, that is not the case at this time and embrace and promote them I must.

If you have not been following the series of blogs you the ten principles are:

1. I am Autistic. [or] I support those who are Autistic.
2. I embrace my Autism as a very significant part of my identity.
4. I embrace the belief that Autism does not need any “curing”.
5. I embrace the self-advocacy goal of “Everything about us, with us”.
6. I embrace the definition of Autism as a neuro-social difference.
7. I embrace measures directed at protecting Autistics from attack.
8. I embrace a person-centered approach to all Autism issues.
9. I embrace rigorous scientific approaches to co-occurring conditions.
10. I embrace Autistics leading their own welfare organisations.

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