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By John Greally, Autistic Activist and Co-Founder of The Autistic Union THERE ARE CURRENTLY NO SOCIAL SKILLS COURSES SAFE FOR AUTISTICS OF ANY AGE, ANYWHERE I am awaiting news of an autistic social skills course that teaches autistic skills to autistics. Taught in context, to all, autistic or not. Inclusively. In context. If it's not …

We are pioneers! Join us on our new autistically designed, built & curated project website! #autism

The other side


We are a “lost generation”, who are finding themselves. We’re adult autistics, diagnosed later in life, and we are all pioneers!

The truth of this hits me everyday as I find new people to marvel at, and so many new voices emerging from the shadows of invisible neurological difference.

Yet, being first is both exciting and difficult. The birth of my project The Museum for Object Research is a perfect example. We have struggled to come into being – but we have arrived at last!

We’ve grown from being a small WordPress blog (now deactivated) into a website to be proud of.  So please do check us out at We have migrated to a new host, to accommodate all the wonderful content we have gathered during our recent Arts Council funded research & development period.

Currently, we are still listed on WordPress, but you won’t find our blog posts…

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