A Thanksgiving for Public Education: Free, Life-changing, and Available to Everyone

Ryan Boren

Howdy DSISD (and all school districts),

With the Thanksgiving break approaching, I want to convey my thanks to you defenders of public education. “Free, life-changing, and available to everyone.” That’s what I and my peers have fought for in open source tech, and it’s what y’all fight for in education. The fight is hard, and opponents are numerous and well-funded. Keep on. For what it’s worth, I’m with you.

On a bright May morning in 2000, I was standing on the deck of a ship churning toward Alaska’s Inside Passage with more than a hundred computer programmers. The glittering towers of Vancouver receded behind us as we slipped under the Lions Gate Bridge heading out to the Salish Sea. The occasion was the first “Geek Cruise”— an entrepreneur’s bid to replace technology conferences in lifeless convention centers with oceangoing trips to exotic destinations. I booked passage on the ship, a…

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Why I Fight

An Intense World

I want you to imagine someone talking to a deaf person, yelling at them, complaining that they won’t listen. Imagine this person insisting that the deaf person be disciplined for refusing to listen and, because he wouldn’t listen, to be disciplined for subordination.

We would obviously find the person who behaves like this appalling. They are expecting something from someone they are literally incapable of doing. A deaf person’s ears do not work the same as yours — do not work at all in this case. But it would be just as ridiculous to expect a color blind person to differentiate between red and green. Or that a blind person be required to take an art appreciation class. We recognize exactly how ridiculous these things are.

But when it comes to autism, there is a completely irrational expectation that the person simply change their behavior, as though that were at…

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Mostly Unnoticed

Jake Allen Sharp

When I am happy, they think that I’m mad

When I am mad they think that I’m sad

Tears that I cry, like the stars in the sky

Mostly unnoticed by those walking by

Thoughts in my head are hard to express

So I sit down awhile and I try my best

Words that I write, cut me like a knife

Leaves behind crimson stains of life

When I am happy, they think that I’m mad

When I am mad they think that I’m sad

Tears that I cry, like the stars in the sky

Mostly unnoticed by those walking by

Dreams are akin to old memories

Living inside where no one sees

And if they saw, they would see my flaws

Would not have to hate me without a cause

When I am happy, they think that I’m mad

When I am mad they think that I’m sad

Tears that I cry, like…

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Rejection Sensitive What??

So Much Stranger, So Much Darker, So Much Madder, So Much Better

As I drive home from work, the wind beats comforting patterns across my shaved head and I sing boldly along to the music pouring out of the speaker. I admire the beauty of the landscape and think of how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place. My heart beats in anticipation of the moment I will see my love.

I open the door to the home we share and take a few steps into the living room where he lays upon the couch playing a video game. I say nothing and neither does he. He is sucked into the world of Zelda.

As a chandelier falls and shatters, so does my once good mood. I am crushed, devastated, broken. My soul tears and bleeds. Thoughts race so quickly I can barely register them.

Of course he doesn’t love you. See? He never did. You’re just an annoyance…

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Tips for Survivors on Consuming Media by RAINN

The Catalysts for Change

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“The media can be a great tool for increasing public awareness about sexual violence, but it can also pose challenges for some survivors. Portrayals of sexual violence in movies, television shows, the news, and social media can prompt negative reactions, from flashbacks and anxiety to feelings of sadness or irritability. Below are a few ways to help limit your exposure to media that could prompt these uncomfortable experiences.”

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