Autism and Our Anti-Hierarchical World

An Intense World

One of the main features of autism is the lack of a foreground/periphery differentiation. This is particularly noticeable in hearing, since we can become overwhelmed by background noises which we cannot filter out in order to focus on the foreground. For most people it is an automatic, natural thing to filter out the background and focus on what you want to hear—typically whoever is talking to you. However, people with autism get everything at once.

However, this is also true with vision. We are easily distracted by things in our peripheral vision, causing us to look around, glance at everything. This is easily taken as attention deficit, but what it is in fact is attention to too many things at once. At its worst, it can be overwhelming. And it’s at least annoying to anyone you’re speaking to, who is expecting you to look at them the entire time.


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Thinking about patterns of opposite extremes among autistic people | Autistic Hoya

About a year and a half ago, I posted this list of characteristics that seem to be much more common in autistic people (especially the more of them a person has) than in non-autistic people. But both while writing that list, and over many years of thinking, being with other autistic people, and learning about many of …

Great Rock/Metal Albums of 1984: Slade- Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply

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Throughout the later half of the 1970s, Slade had been trying to break into the American music market but with little success. Back then, I heard the name but nothing more. However, in 1983, Quiet Riot covered their 1973 hit “Cum On Feel the Noise.” Once Americans realized that the song had been originally written and recorded by Slade, a curiosity about the band arose and people began to check them out. Honest, it was on my to do list but I didn’t get around to it. That was until radio played the single, “My Oh My” from the 1984 “Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply” and then MTV played the video for “Run Run Away” quite a lot. Therefore, I had no other choice than to investigate Slade. It would be this album first. That led me to listen to them more and is why I site them…

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But I’m an Adult! ADHD Myths, Stereotypes, and Truths

So Much Stranger, So Much Darker, So Much Madder, So Much Better

Hello! Today we’re going to be looking at some of the myths and stereotypes that surround ADHD and the truths that lay beyond in this installment of Adulting With ADHD. In our last installment, we went over the basics of ADHD in ADHD 101.

A lot of people think they know ADHD, but what most people know about ADHD isn’t entirely factual, if not completely wrong. So let’s explore some of these myths and stereotypes.

ADHD only affects kids

Nope! While ADHD is often thought of as a childhood disorder, for many, the condition has lifelong effects. Over 70% of children with ADHD are still affected in adolescence while about 50% are still affected in adulthood. [Source]

Further, many people make it to adulthood without learning they are ADHD. This can cause a wide variety of difficulties and ill effects upon a person’s life.

ADHD only…

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