Twenty-Six People Dead; NOW Will You Take Spousal Abuse Seriously?

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I said it once; let me say it again. Trump is wrong about the Texas church shooter. He said it was not a gun problem; it was a mental illness problem. Now, since it has been revealed that the shooter’s family attended the church he shot up, but not that Sunday, it has been revealed to be a domestic violence problem. Twenty-six people dead, all because he wanted to kill his ex-wife and her family. The Texas church shooting was about the ultimate display of power and control over his wife; the power over life. 

Power and control have been at the core of domestic violence for all time. It was at the core of my family’s fighting and struggle. It was at the core of many a spousal murder and attempted murder; it was at the core of my life for so long. As a matter of fact…

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Highlighting Native American Heritage | NAMI CA Heritage Month

California is home to more tribal communities than any other state in the country. In November, the nation recognizes the vibrant history, culture, and traditions of Native Americans while also acknowledging the disparities that have historically faced these communities. Check out this article from NAMI: Drawing from American Indian Heritage to Spread a Message of Hope …

October Education Reading

Ryan Boren

Interesting books and articles I read in October:

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Journalist’s Resource | The unseen side of the opioid crisis

What does corporate tax reform mean? Lowering America’s corporate tax rate is a priority for the Trump administration and Congressional Republicans. Elsewhere in government, however, analysts are suggesting caution: The idea that lowering taxes sparks investment and encourages economic growth is a popular political talking point, but little research supports it. This is the second in a …

Functional and Dissociative Neurological Symptoms : a patient’s guide

This website is about symptoms which are: • neurological (such as weakness, numbness or blackouts) • REAL (and not imagined) • and due to a PROBLEM with the FUNCTIONING of the nervous system, and NOT due to neurological disease. These symptoms have many names (including dissociative symptoms and conversion symptoms) but are often described as …