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takepledgetoday550Take a Pledge | We Need Your Help.

Autism Acceptance must include Autistic culture, community and history. We embrace Autism as a neuro-social difference. We support Autistic  people and their opportunity to live a healthy, happy and productive life. This includes rigorous scientific approaches to co-occurring conditions.

We believe that Autistics have a right to life (now and in future generations), identity, community and culture, and participate as leaders of their own community business organization (non-profit), government and related support service organizations. Autistics need person-centered approach to support, services, and lifestyle, and protection measures from those who attack them.

Autistics need support and help now. Right now.

It’s going to take all of us — Autistic peers, loved ones and valued allies/organizations to create a positive change for Autistic people. Can you support that?

Below are the points of The International Autistic Union — this is what we support.

THE 10 POINTS OF Âû (The Autistic Union)

  1. I am Autistic. [or] I support those who are Autistic.
  2. I embrace my Autism as a very significant part of my identity.
  3. I embrace those who would sacrifice to protect all Autistic life.
  4. I embrace the belief that Autism does not need any “curing”.
  5. I embrace the self-advocacy goal of “Everything about us, with us”.
  6. I embrace the definition of Autism as a neuro-social difference.
  7. I embrace measures directed at protecting Autistics from attack.
  8. I embrace a person-centred approach to all Autism issues.
  9. I embrace rigorous scientific approaches to co-occurring conditions.
  10. I embrace Autistics leading their own welfare organisations.


Take the Pledge | Show Support Autistics Right Now

So take a pledge. Tell how you are strengthening the impact of the Autistic’s Civil Rights Movement. ❤

(Note: Pledges will be posted on the AmericanBadassActivists.org site . )




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