Day: November 8, 2017

  • Watch the Appointments

    Originally posted on Sometimes a Lion:
    Betsy Devos prepares for her Senate hearing for the position of Secretary of Education Today was the first full day of the Trump Administration. I’ve just arrived home from the NYC portion of the Women’s March, and as we all settle in for Day Two of our nation’s first…

  • Private Prisons Lock Up Thousands Of Americans With Almost No Oversight

    America’s for-profit prison industry controls 126,000 Americans’ lives. It’s a $5 billion sector — one that encompasses the operation of 65% of the nation’s immigration detention beds. And at the same time, it is largely opaque, often unaccountable to the public or the government. Donald Trump’s presidency has quickly been a boon to its business. Within months of taking […]

  • Danica Roem Makes History as the First Transgender State Lawmaker

    (RICHMOND, Va.) — A transgender woman unseated one of Virginia’s longest serving and most socially conservative lawmakers Tuesday and is set to make history as the first openly transgender person elected and seated in a state legislature. Democrat Danica Roem, an experienced newspaper reporter, beat Republican Del. Bob Marshall, who sponsored a bill this year […]


    “Just 4.5 grains- right there.” I stood next to my stepfather in his father’s garage, watching the scale as I measured gunpowder for the bullet cartridge we were assembling. While 9mm bullets can take more, this is the amount his father taught him when he was a kid. He helped me through assembling the bullet, […]