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My Two Cents: Rich, Powerful Men Need To Follow The Rules Too-Just Not The “Pence Rule”


When I worked in a local inner city emergency room, I specifically recall our male physican residents occasionally stepping out from a patient’s room and calling out, “I need a chaperone for a pelvic exam!” This would clear the nurses station pretty quickly as we all would suddenly recall we just forgot one more thing we had to do at that exact moment. Chaperoning a male doctor for a pelvic exam was a mixed bag. We knew it was a part of “the rules” but it was still rather awkward. For many women, pelvic exams may trigger anxiety and trauma if they are a rape survivior. For others, it’s a fear of being judged by the exam attendees if they are found to have an STD or some other issue “down there”, or because their bodies don’t look like the supermodel’s on TV. I became a registered nurse at 21…

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“Oh No! It’s….DIFFERENT!!!!!!”*

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You have to scream the title like a horror movie final girl to get the full effect.* 

How many times have you dealt with somebody who was a little different from you? Many times, I am sure. Trouble is, many of us have not dealt with different in our lives as much as others. And the sad thing is, dealing with different may just be the key to overcoming different. And yet, with the trend toward dividing up and shrinking back into racial and religious divides, fear and hate helps different keep us apart.  

Now, I know that the rich, white and powerful have most of the prejudice and hate on lockdown. That is a fact. That is how they stay in power. What I am saying is, there are people on all sides, not just black and white, need to overcome the prejudice inside their own heads…

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Distraught Mother Seeks Governor’s Help For Mentally Ill Son After 20 Years In Prison

BY PETE EARLEY (11-6-17) Sana Campbell has started a petition drive ( that you can sign) to move her son from prison into a state hospital and is hoping to plead her case in person to outgoing Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. Sana is praying Gov. McAuliffe will grant Christopher Sharikas a conditional pardon that would send him …