#MeToo ~ Chapter 3: The ‘Artist’

the silent wave

(Beginning Comment: This is a long post, one of my longest in a while.  It tells a story that I’ve told no one but my mother, grandmother, two high school/university boyfriends, and my partner.  Even they don’t know the entire story.  I’ve never publicly talked about this before.  It’s dark matter; please proceed with caution.)

(Trigger/Content Warnings: sexual predation, including nonconsensual touching, fear, and strong suggestive conversation that gets graphic.)

It’s a peculiar feeling to be writing something like this on All Saints Day.  Although I’ve long since left Catholicism, I was raised (somewhat) in that faith, and old roots have ways of lingering that occasionally prove to be inconvenient.  An alternative term is All Souls Day, and since the perpetrator in this story is no “saint” but has probably passed away, the latter term is more appropriate.

Yes, this means he was an old man already at the time. …

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