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Why Advocacy? – The Autistic Advocate

Source: Why Advocacy? – The Autistic Advocate

Why Advocacy?

I have a bigger post on Self-advocacy for Neurodiversity which i wrote as a guest post for STARS Institute for Sensory Processing Disorder, but, fundamentally here is a little explanation:

An Advocate is somebody who speaks on behalf of other people.  A self-Advocate is somebody who speaks for themselves.  I am both. I speak with my own voice as a way of determining my own outcomes for myself.  I also speak on behalf of the a community.  I do not singly speak for the this community, nor do i fully represent them, but my opinions generally fall into line with the majority of the active community, so i am entitled to be able to speak with an element of authority on what the community as a whole wants to achieve.

The Community i advocate for is the Autistic Community.  I self-Advocate for my Autistic self.

By Eve Reiland

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