Get Off the Rainbow, Autism Is Not All Positive


I believe in Neurodiversity, I believe there are a lot of positives to being Autistic, but I don’t believe in the gag order some of the Neurodiversity lobby are trying to guilt us into.  Living with a person who is neck deep in all the darker aspects of Autism as  a disorder is hard.

And I am sick of it!


Yesterday my husband and I engaged in a lively discussion; you know the ones that start with me yelling and end with me crying and take me out of useful work for a minimum 12 hours.  It started with my asking advice about my computer mouse.  Here is a precis substituting autistic for common symptoms that we know we have.

L: ‘Didn’t you say there was a button that could fix this?’

Robot with laptop Robot with laptop on a white background

G: Autistic response with a dash of male.


L: Anxiety/Autistic Response.

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