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The #AutisticSilencers Hurt All Autistics

Did you know 1 in 33 is born with a birth defect?*

1 in 68 is born on the Autism Spectrum. That’s estimated at 70 million worldwide.

  • Between 44% – 52% of autistic people may have a learning disability.
  • Between 48% – 56% of autistic people do not have a learning disability. **

And yes, there’s a percentage of us Autistics that live with severe disabilities. What that is – I don’t know — but it’s not 70 million of us.

All Autistics belong to the autistic community — we don’t separate ourselves into this division — the rest of the world does. And we advocate for all of us.

(Yes, there is some conflict at times in the Autistic community with being elite and I just don’t subscribe to that shit — we’re all humans with value. Thankfully that area seems to be very niche and feels like a reaction to being Autistic in the NT world and the terrible treatment received by them — though the pattern of FUCK YOU, I’m AWESOME BIOTCH in reaction is utterly understandable. )

Just like the neurotypical population — 1 in 33 born with a disability — we have Autistics that live with severe disabilities too. But NOT 70 million of us. Not even half of that. Somewhere in there, many of us of us live with moderate disabilities.

And yet, the population marketed by Autism Speaks includes all 70 million of us. So what about those Autistics? What have Autistics living with severe disabilities contributed to the conversation?

Well, Autism Speaks and its groupie cult doesn’t allow for their input either. This isn’t to say there hasn’t been Autistic activists sharing their lived experiences about severe disabilities — they’re just told to sit down and STFU too. Something about being too disabled to have actual insight.

Pretty much, however you look at it, all Autistics are silenced and fight to be heard.

Even after the facts are presented often we’re insulted by NTs and told that we should want a cure.  We should be wanting a cure for the non-verbal Autistics that really suffer like their child. How dare we diminish their pain and reject the idea of a cure?

Do neurotypical parents never ask themselves — why they, the parent, can’t accept their child as neurodiverse? They’ll be neurodiverse their entire life. There’s no cure happening. Ever.

So accept your child already and quit behaving like a cure is happening at some point in their life. It’s not.

Fuck the cure. Say yes to proper supports, relieving problematic conditions, work support, housing help, poverty, abuse, murder and such. We have real life challenges you are ignoring, and our communities were robbed by the search for this cure, and left autistics with no services as adults.

Attempting to make the Autistic child be more neurotypical to blend as “less Autistic” is abuse.

Cure talk is the lack of Autistic acceptance, and that kind of “awareness” helped no Autistic child ever.

We know, because we grew up and said so.

But don’t listen. Because, you know we’re too disabled, or not disabled enough, to know our needs and have value in leadership and decision-making in our own lives, much less the general community.

Worse, I’m told I’ll be prayed for — that a cure will be found for me eve after the facts about the real cure are shared. Folks, not sure how many times it can be said — the cure for Autism is abortion. Now, this isn’t about pro-life or pro-choice (so don’t fucking land that debate here – this is not that debate), this is about eugenics and the culling of an entire people. This is about #betteroffdeadthandisabled

To tell an Autistic you pray for them to be cured, after knowing this info, after it being stated I don’t need a cure — ugh. It’s a very ugly environment to learn how to become an activist.

Essentially, I’m told my existence doesn’t matter because I can speak words and my IQ is high. I’m Autistic and considered a Savant (this is Autistic AND . . .). Therefore my opinion and lived experience is invalid. My erasure is accepted and wanted. Totally preferred by many neurotypical parents of autistic kids.

That I’m an Autistic mother of Autistic kids doesn’t matter. The assumption is my children aren’t as tragic as their children. Well, I raise my children Autistic, not tragic. And so many of the parenting horrors NTs discuss, I don’t. It’s called parenting, and it’s hard work no matter what.

(Besides, the exact timing of my children learning to shit in a toilet is private — and everyday until that day they do learn is just another day of parenting — not a fucking PTA pity-party melodrama complete with identifying puzzle pieces and blue merch.)

I’m curious if this happens elsewhere. I’m not familiar with Down Syndrome culture — and am wondering since people can see the developmental difference if folks still go saying they pray for a cure? To be cured of Down Syndrome after birth and in this lifetime. Does that happen?

Guess what, an Autistic’s brain is physically different. You can not “cure” a neurodivergent brain.

Autism Speaks you don’t want to hear from us – so quit using our numbers to raise money for your related corporate greed.

And if you’re going to use dark-marketing and illustrate the most severely disabled Autistics to promote your org — find the correct statistics.

Stop diminishing, dehumanizing, and then including us in your statistics to misrepresent us.  

False advertising much?

For those new to the Autistic community — when Autistics living with severe disabilities speak against Autism Speaks and “curebies” — we’re told we’re too disabled to have insight to our needs.

Autism Speaks, and their cult of groupies (aka AutismMom/DadTM disorder),  silence us.

All of us.

The #AutisticSilencers — hurt us all.

So yeah, according to non-autistic, half of us are too “well off” to speak and the other half aren’t insightful enough to contribute.

Guess what, Fuck You. And your entire NT-hating-on-Autistics crew.

And then leaving NT parents without any actual support — or information about our community, culture and history and then congratulating your own efforts? ugh.

Not sure exactly how — but #ActuallyAutistics are going to fix this.

Our people, ALL OF OUR AUTISTIC PEOPLE, deserve good quality lives, support and acceptance.

For parents frustrated and seeking better support — talk to #actuallyautistic. We want better for your child too. Let’s work together.

#stayloudandproud #autisicandproud




Complicit #AutisticSilencers 


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Autism facts and history


4 replies on “The #AutisticSilencers Hurt All Autistics”

People do pray for Down Syndrome to be cured, or for the children and infants to die in some other horrible way.

There are lots of cognitive enhancements and vitamins and biomedical silliness which has been there since 1992 – Targeted Nutritional Intervention.

If Autistic people learn to acclimate to silence, or adapt to silence…

I am thinking of the difference between severe and profound intellectual disability which is on the basis of adaptive behaviour which is because the assessments do not go down that low. Not even the Vineland – it has a floor of 40 – ABAS rather, which I think is 0.3%ile.

And this was reblogged from QuirkyBird?

My estimate is probably 15-20 million of autists who live with severe disability in two or more areas. And even that may be too high.

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