The #AutisticSilencers Hurt All Autistics

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Did you know 1 in 33 is born with a birth defect?*

1 in 68 is born on the Autism Spectrum. That’s estimated at 70 million worldwide.

  • Between 44% – 52% of autistic people may have a learning disability.
  • Between 48% – 56% of autistic people do not have a learning disability. **

And yes, there’s a percentage of us Autistics that live with severe disabilities. What that is – I don’t know — but it’s not 70 million of us.

All Autistics belong to the autistic community — we don’t separate ourselves into this division — the rest of the world does. And we advocate for all of us.

(Yes, there is some conflict at times in the Autistic community with being elite and I just don’t subscribe to that shit — we’re all humans with value. Thankfully that area seems to be very niche and feels like a…

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What’s the Difference Between High Functioning and Low Functioning Autism? – Autism Women’s Network

This post is inspired by many interactions I have had both online and in “the real world” with other parents of Autistic children.   I have noticed a significant emphasis on functioning labels in the autism parenting world.   When I have made the argument that functioning labels are arbitrary and make no sense, I am accused …