Permanent Sterilization: Part II

Atypical Female

As I’ve stated in part I of this post series, having children is something I do not ever wish to do. I have made it 27 years and have not swayed from this decision. So, why deal with the stresses of menstruation, monstrous cramps, bloating, tampons and birth control for the remainder of my childbearing years? I cant find a good reason to put up with it. So for this reason, I have searched out options for permanent sterilization, in combination with procedures to end my menstrual cycle. I am excited to say that my pursuit for sterilization has finally been met with success. I have found a surgeon who is willing to take on my case, and I am officially scheduled for surgery. When I met with the surgeon I was very apprehensive, as this was the second physician I had consulted with about methods of sterilization. My previous…

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