WTF? Again With Autistic & Retard Slurs by NTs on Twitter



  1. Now, I may be a bit biased here, but why would a series of tweets warrant an entire blog posts? Sure Mumkey can be edgy, but y’all need to learn to take to joke. And that’s coming from me, a guy who actually was diagnosed with Autism.


      • Now, I would reply, but the issue of race is not in my jurisdiction. Now, I have a lot of social issues and the R word really did hurt when I was younger. But then, I learned to ignore them and ended up has a sternly independant individual. Now, growing up with autism, my only goal to be treated equally with my peers. In fact, not many people did bully me! However, the part I hated the most were the “special ed” programs. All I wanted to do was go to the same classes as others with no special help just because I had a disability. So I fought it, and for the rest of school I was treated respectfully from people who wanted to help and defended myself from detractors. I know this ended up in a bit of a rant, but in my opinion, I don’t want anyone blindly fighting my battles for me, especially if they don’t know the struggle I had to endure. This will probably be all over the place, but I just feel emotional.


  2. Are you aware Autistics are recognized as a minority group? The biggest issues facing our community is abuse, homelessness, sub-housing, severe poverty, no-services and denied services, suicide, murder, and prison. I’m Autistic and mom to Autistics. I battle for civil rights of my family and future generations of my family. Using the word Autistic in the manner (search it sauce + autistic) and you’ll find the post dark-marketing era of Autism Speaks and their pathological focus on impending bank-breaking autistic apocalypse. This is far, far bigger than someone fighting a battle for you. This is so big, you should be fighting this battle for yourself and the youngers coming up. We are worthy of respect and not being diminished, dehumanized and demoralized in this matter. But if you want to laugh at mean-spirited jokes like this to fit in better, that is your freedom and choice.


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