My Favourite (Modern) Horror Movies!



It’s my favourite month, it has finally arrived! I even decorated my blog to celebrate the occasion. This month shall be filled with Halloween-related posts (well, I’ll try my best to anyway!).

Although I’m a big fan of horror movies, I really should specify paranormal horror movies because blood and gore and things don’t really scare me, they just disgust me. I don’t watch horror movies to feel grossed out, I watch them so they let me think and be terrified! Though, not many paranormal movies have I ever really been terrified by…

Anyway, lets begin!

Insidious (all three)

Insidious trilogy

I first watched the first Insidious years ago and heavily enjoyed it. I’ve watched it over and over again since. I’m not even sure what about it I love so much, and the following three movies. I just think it’s unique, the jumpscares do actually make me jump and they…

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