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It's set to be raised at Stonewall on a historic date for the queer community. History will be made at Stonewall once again. The inn, which is located in New York’s Greenwich Village, was the site of the June 28, 1969 riots which are considered the symbolic start of the modern day gay rights movement. In 2016, former President Barack … Continue reading In A Historic First, The Rainbow Flag Will Be Flown Permanently On Federal Land | HuffPost

Now I Cannot Write

Jake Allen Sharp

I fall on my face and I break my pride

Each time it feels a little more has died

Am I the same man that I used to be?

Broken and wounded and in misery
Filled with an aching that reaches my soul

Lost and I’m spinning out of control

I seek refuge as I flee from my thought

I try to recall the good I was taught
Laugh and point fingers at the poor

Play the part of a wolf at the door

Blood boils as it runs through my veins

But just enough of my sanity remains
Now I cannot write what I am expected to write. I will type as the words fall from my fingers onto a screen, nothing is planned, but kinda of like this life. I don’t understand some stars are so bright. I can’t pretend to set a course and plan it out…

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Get Me Out of This Stinking Cradle! I’m Not a Baby!

Cambria's Big Fat Autistic Blog

As I’ve been roaming around online, I’ve come across a disturbing thing: A person faced what has been called infantilization of autistic people. The commenter got a flat-out accusation of lying because she was not “innocent” and “sweet” like an autistic should be. I wanted to go to this person and ask whether or not she understands that autistic children grow up, but sadly, I can’t. This is a problem among people who think of autistic and other disabled people as children. This usually denies us rights that neurotypical adults enjoy all the time. 

Now, what are these rights supposed to be? Well…. 


  1. Make Decisions 
  2. Hold Bank Accounts 
  3. Have Sex, Even in Marriage 
  4. Get Married 
  5. Anything Sexual 
  6. Have a Relationship outside Parent/Child unless allowed
  7. Control their own finances
  8. Dress themselves 
  9. Feed themselves 

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