When the Jobs Isn’t Glamorous

An Atypical Fairy Tale

Flight attendants, cabin crew, air hostesses, stewardesses, trolley dollies, galley hags…whatever you call us, we tend to be seen as these glamorous group of people who live the most amazing life. And trust me, most of the time, that’s true. I have to say, I have the best job in the world; I get to travel across the pond to spend a day exploring to my heart’s content. I go out with my coworkers for dinner and drinks while getting paid. I get to meet tons of people of all walks of life and spend up to eight hours with them. Usually, they are so nice and can give me things to do (if they’re locals); sometimes, though, they are a whiny bunch and don’t understand that there’s certain things I just cannot do for them.

  • I cannot work on the Wi-Fi while we are in flight. If it stops…

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