Prescribed To Addiction

jake allen sharp

I made it all my life without medication

I was having trouble with my concentration

Doctor said I was ADHD inattentive

he said “I have a prescription I’m gonna give ya”

He was surprised that I made it this far

Said my assessment was off the charts

There would be a difference I could feel

I wonder if its worth it and take another pill

I was prescribed to addiction

Addicted to prescriptions

I feel it wreaking havoc on my mind

But without it I feel lost

And my body pays a cost

Symptoms of withdrawal are not kind

I can’t even make it through one day without medication

I am thinking hard about my current situation

I made it all the way to Graduate school without it

Secretly I hide my addiction, afraid to admit it

Every month I run out of meds a little too soon

So sick…

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