An Autistic Guide to Navigating Transport Issues

Queerly Autistic


There was due to be a city-wide strike on the London Underground system today. Luckily, it was called off at the last minute due to some eleventh hour breakthroughs in the discussion between unions and bosses.

I say lucky for several reasons. The main reason being, of course, that hopefully some headway has been made in solving the initial complaints of the staff. As someone who travels on the Underground every day, I have seen the kind of abuse that these people face, and the worsening understaffing that is making it even more dangerous and difficult to do the job they are probablly not paid a huge amount to do anyway. No matter how difficult a strike such as this makes my life, they are the backbone of the fight for workers rights and I salute and support every dammed one of them.

But this brings us to another reason…

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