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Today I kick off the "3-Minute Autism Advice" series with some insight into what 'normal' is and what it isn't. Main site: http://autisticnotweird.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/autisticnotw...Twitter: @AutisticNWInstagram: http://www.instagram.com/autisticnotw...Loads of rewards available for Patreon supporters (who help me do this as a job): https://www.patreon.com/autisticnotweird

We need to stop saying “we’re all a little autistic” | Autistic Not Weird

A few years ago, I was the only diagnosed autistic staff member in a special school. The rest of the staff weren’t autistic, but many jokingly claimed to be. “Oh, that must be my autism,” some would say as they parked their car in the same space each morning. (Meanwhile, I just parked wherever was… … Continue reading We need to stop saying “we’re all a little autistic” | Autistic Not Weird

Best New YouTube Secret Hidden Features | Time.com

Like an incoming college student reinventing themselves amidst a campus full of strangers, YouTube went and got itself a fresh new look this summer. Some of YouTube's changes, like a new logo designed to deemphasize the video sharing hub's legacy TV roots, are purely exercises in branding and marketing. But along with its fresh visual feel, YouTube's … Continue reading Best New YouTube Secret Hidden Features | Time.com

Trapped In A Cage Of My Own Making

Poetry Of An Aspergian

902afba9ef0a24951883bab0c0292360--fighting-depression-quotes-depression-and-anxietyno words are said

but you know what I’ve done

I could try to hide, try to run

but I’d be wasting our time

I might as well confess

then at the crest of the truth

I sink down and swallow

Another green lie

Another blue deception

I’m falling for you out of desperation

the water swirls around my mouth

the disco turns silent now

and the chorus of discord

rings in my head so loud



I am animal

trapped in the cage of my own making

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The Autism Costume 

Cambria's Big Fat Autistic Blog

I have been trying to find realistic portrayals of autistic women on television and in movies. Trouble is, I can’t seem to find them. This troubles me. All of the portrayals I have come across have been, to a certain extent, somewhat stereotyped and basically somewhat some neurotypical’s experience of what “autism” is supposed to look like. It’s as if they are putting on the Autism Costume, a stereotypical portrayal of what somebody else thinks autism looks like. 

How do I explain the Autism Costume? Well, basically, the Autism Costume was initially set by Dustin Hoffman’s portrayal of autistic individual in “Rain Man.” Ever since, the Autism Costume has been, more or less, dominated by this portrayal. There’s hand-flapping. There’s no eye contact. There’s repetitive behavior. There’s fixations, and they’re always portrayed as near-psychotic. There’s bad fashion, dominated by comfort and sameness. Plus, there’s meltdowns. There’s always meltdowns. And…

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the silent wave

Common on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum is the occurrence of Alexithymia, or the difficulty with identifying and expressing emotions. During the first steps of my journey of self-discovery through my freshly-realized autistic lens, I had no idea that I was among the Alexithymic.

In the earliest stages of learning, you don’t know what you don’t know.

And I didn’t know. I didn’t even think to question whether or not I was having trouble identifying and expressing my thoughts and emotions, because I assumed (there’s that word again) that I was successfully identifying everything that was there. I knew if I was happy, sad, scared, angry, wistful, grieving, remorseful, euphoric, excited, and so on.

I really thought I had a bead on things.


The second steps of learning often involve discovering aspects of oneself that one was not previously aware of.

The realization, for me, was gradual. I slowly became aware…

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