Evolution of Eve | I’m Autistic and Proud (poetry/prose)

By Eve Hinson (almost Reiland)

I’m Autistic and proud

Not afraid to talk about it outloud

And why would I fear sharing that I like me?
All of me, especially this neurodiverse brain of me?

I’m savant with creativity, alive with visual language,
forget the super highway — this brain is an information constellation,
technical ancestor, internet goddess, pattern finder and seeker
keyboard warrior and new media memory keeper.

I don’t give a fuck about sports or square root,
but let’s talk HTML, Social media, incredible hair and . . .
Hot damn, just not politics.

At least not until we find the concentric overlap
of neurotypical and autistic, and define
the shared spectrum of communication
Before we debate this kind of shit.

I’m Autistic and proud

Hate the mall, large crowds
Millions of emotions on way too many faces
That rudely jostle my mental spaces,
Senses shocked with neural zaps
until scattered lapse and thought connectivity
Smashed, dashed and whiplashed.

Days later, processing still micro-expressions of too-big eyes,
party smiles and a billion social patterns, unrecognized.
All memories branded with intricate dodge and burn
Processed until complete, archived for later
Until the need to be retrieved.

These images, first language recall, need English words
First I must translate to communicate,
And that’s if I can get this mouth and eyes
to synchronize with a timeout denied.

I’m Autistic and proud

Yes, this specific, divergent and never born-in-a-box mind
Comes complete with an executive-function slip,
sensory integration disorder chip,plus shitty memory stick,

annoying cognitive pause, that constantly sticks,
An mp3 glitch, max headroom twitch
Alerting others that On second look
Beneath this bitchin fashion
and fuschia blue pearl lipstick
my swag is quirky and a amazeballs different

I’m Autistic and proud

Not afraid to shout it out loud
And why should I fear being heard?
It’s absolutely OK for me to like me
To want to see people like me,
on covers of fashion magazines,
Hangin’ with amazing geeks
Gettin’ fleek with YouTubers
known about this Autisitc Beat

There’s nothing wrong with my glitter and glam
Dreamin’ of Jefree Star, Kat Von D and a Divergent brand
This is my genetic-heritage
Displayed Loud and Brain-Proud

I like me
All of me — especially this neurodiverse brain of me.

I’m Autistic and proud

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