From Death To Eternity

Jake Allen Sharp

Demons from my past come visiting me

Shadows are cast of distant misery

A haunting ghost I had left behind

Creeps into my soul and into my mind

Soon I am feeling out of control

Body is reeling as the wind blows

My thoughts full of twisted debris

Jesus I know you can calm the seas

My sin will be remembered no more

Removing my guilt is what you died for

Remind me now, I’m washed in your blood

Forgiveness washes o’er me like a flood

Soon I am feeling out of control

Body is cleansed by a crimson flow

Sin crucified with you on a tree

Brought me from death to eternity

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“Good Doctor” Reactions

Cambria's Big Fat Autistic Blog

I am going to put “The Good Doctor” to the test. How stereotypical is it? How real is it? Also, does Freddie Highmore try to create a nuanced autistic man, or does he simply put on the Autism Costume? 

That is what I intend to find out. 

10:00 – A simple routine. Good start.  

10:01 – Mess the hair up. OK. 

10:02 – What’s with the line on the ground? 

10:02 – Saved from the bullies…and we have PTSD. 

10:03 – San Jose Airport: Noisy as can be. 

10:04 – Loud crash. Boy is hurt. 

10:04 – Correcting a doctor. OOOH. 

10:05 – “Not Rain Man. High-functioning. Capable of handling his affairs.” Enough with the labels, doc! 

10:06 – Tamlyn Tomita? She looks great! 

10:07 – Savant Syndrome? OK. I can see that. 

10:08 – Another doctor or…

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Condemning A Child, Punishing A Mentally Ill Son. Again, Where Is The Justice? – Pete Earley

(9-25-17) I posted a blog yesterday describing the plight of Christopher Sharikas who has spent nearly twenty years in prison for a violent carjacking committed after he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Washington Post Reporter Rachel Weiner tells his story in today’s edition. What frustrates me is Judge Paul F. Sheridan’s claim that a sixteen year oldClick …