Culture Clash | Autistic Erasure Starts At Home


This meme is an example of Autistic co-opting, appropriation and erasure. 

Actual basic available options:

  • Autisic parent of Autistics.
  • Neurotypical parent of Autistics.

I am an Autistic mom to 2 Autistic kiddos and 1 Neurotypical kiddo. 

Terms like Autism family, autism parent, autism dad and autism mom — NO. That’s co-opting and erasure.

987c78b768a7329fec637d5b503373afI find it really odd, and rather funny actually, if I ran out and bought t-shirts so we could support our one kiddo that say Neurotypical Family. Have all the other kiddos wear them and now . . . we’re neurotypical together?

Let’s ignore mom’s stimming and vastly different thought process — we’re all putting our brains into a conformity box and going NT on outings to show our support and inclusiveness. 

And co-opt the NT experience as our own – polluting culture, community and freedom to discover personhood of our youngs with our Autistic perception of the Neurotypical World.  Wouldn’t that just be odd?

This is essentially what Neurotypical Culture has done to Autistic Culture – re-created an Autism-identity through their perception of Autism, adopting it as their own, and ignoring their child’s birthright to organic personhood, identity and expression.

Also, note that companies promote Autism products to Neurotypical people. They perhaps love or know an Autistic. None of these products are marketed to the Actually Autistic. None.

Also, another thing – don’t talk to me about “autistic suffering” while I’m cruising the makeup aisles.  So fucking droll. Talk to me about that new Ruby Rose or Jeffree Star palette. (Squee!)

What’s the texture, longevity and scent? OMG, how dramatic are those colors again? Cruelty free? How does it feel drying on my skin? Etc, and so on.

(BTW, if I’m suffering anything at all . . . none of your damn business. Regardless, makeup makes me feel better so just get on with the demo please.)

Let me share it’s incredibly diminishing as an Autistic woman shopping at Ulta to see products directed at the “Autism Market.” The demographic of that market doesn’t include me, an #actuallyautisticwoman. There’s no one marketing #beautyforautistics.

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Worse, a product that’s supposed to help my people with each purchase, goes to an oppressive hate group we protest. When we’re finally heard, Autism Speaks changes their marketing verbiage (Oct. 2016) for softer science-y language with no actual change implemented.

Lip service is bullshit on my block.

This is called Autistic Erasure.

Autistic Erasure starts at home.


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4 Replies to “Culture Clash | Autistic Erasure Starts At Home”

  1. I hate all of the merchandise. I am convinced that the only reason why parents wear that crap and make NT kiddos wear that crap is because they are ashamed of their autistic kid’s behavior and want to shout out “look, my kid has autism…it’s not me”. They could just accept their kid for who he or she is and be proud and supportive, but that’s not really what it is about, is it? The people who wear this stuff are the exact opposite of proud and supportive. They are the ones who would ‘cure’ there child of autism in a second if they could because “you don’t understand…it’s so hard, my child can’t [fill in the blank] you would want to cure your child too if you had to live with what I suffer through.” I look at people, mostly women, wearing this garbage and know who to avoid.

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    1. Thank goodness that my parents and my older sister are not like that about autism. My youngest sister is the one that is more likely to be the one wearing this crap.

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