Culture Clash | Autistic Erasure Starts At Home

This meme is an example of Autistic co-opting, appropriation and erasure.  Actual basic available options: Autisic parent of Autistics. Neurotypical parent of Autistics. I am an Autistic mom to 2 Autistic kiddos and 1 Neurotypical kiddo.  Terms like Autism family, autism parent, autism dad and autism mom -- NO. That's co-opting and erasure. I find …

Why Is It Necessary To Intervene With The Natural Course Of Being Autistic?

The Bullshit Fairy

Yes, ALL ABA. I’m writing this post because of the recent comments on my Facebook page’s posts about ABA. So many parents of autistic children, aren’t willing to have a conversation with #ActuallyAutistic folk about ABA. In fact they are incredibly quick to be defensive in declaring, “but our therapy is different!”

But is it? Is it really?

We state that ABA is equivalent to Dog Training for children, and the parents will say but their child isn’t told to sit, stay or beg for food.

We tell them about the physical abuse, and the parents say, but there are no physical punishments. But since when is abuse only actual physical harm? What about the threat of physical harm or discomfort? What about what seems ok to a non-autistic person, such as a hug, can be a sensory nightmare for an autistic child? Is that ok?

We tell them about…

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“I Sacrificed My Life For You”

The Bullshit Fairy

**Trigger Warning** Abuse / Autism Moms

You may have noticed I have unofficially declared war on Autism Mom’s™. It’s definitely a topic that trigger high emotions and I now want to share my “why”.

I had an Autism Mom.

But there was no internet. No Mommy bloggers. And we lived in a small country town so no Mother’s Groups either.

But she still found a way to put on a show and she made damn sure she had the starring role. She played her violin to anyone who would listen, about how her life was destroyed because of her damaged child.

Because I wouldn’t listen. Because I wouldn’t do as I was told.
Because I would spin. Because I wasn’t “normal”.
She would lament how hard it was for her, to be my Mother.
She would cry that her life was over.

And I heard it all.
Just because it didn’t seem like I…

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Autism Fashion for #AutismMoms | #NeurodivergentFashion For #ActuallyAutistic Women, Autistic Moms & Autistic Moms of Autistics . . . Excluded. Like Always.

    Source: Autism Awareness #FashionFriday – For the record, this #ActuallyAutisticMom went to a public venue and had a good family night with her #ActuallyAutisticKid #ActuallyNotAutisticKid #TotallyNeurotypicalFiance and killed it with this fashion. Beyond erasure and other bullshit -- I'm offended Autism is related to such droll choices and color palette. Come on …