Open Letter | #BeautyforAutistics, Jeffree Star Cosmetics Can You Help #ActuallyAutisticWomen Be Seen?

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I emailed the letter below to all contact info I could find for Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Mainly, customer service.



Seeking support in #beautyforautistics campaign. I’m Eve Hinson (almost Reiland) and am Autistic — also an activist, writer and artist.

First, Autism is not what most folks think it is — even neurotypical (non-autistic) parents of autistics can be clueless about our community and culture. Autistics are actually in the middle of a huge civil rights movement.


But beyond that to glittery, metallic things — Autistics want makeup marketed to them – not about them for non-autistics. Right now makeup companies are ignoring actually Autistic women, and marketing their products to neurotypical moms of autistic kids. Worse they are using proceeds to donate to Autism Speaks — actually Autistic consider them a hate group and mega corp. Not the grassroots organization folks think. Ugh.

So now I’m in an impossible position of having to boycott Urban Decay, Nyx, Keihls and all L’Oreal owned products due to this partnership and have to shed a lot of frickin tears. Major boohoos. Literally. I’m hella brand loyal – the rumor on Autistic loyalty is very, very true. So in my sadness, I remembered the JeffreeStar makeup tutorials on youtube and that this brand was here. Checked out stuff on instagram and omg, love. love. love.

Please say you have no connection to Autism Speaks . . . because I love your stuff and want to tell my Autistic friend about it, and all my friends that they can buy their makeup here instead and friggin love it.

c388951_092f5931430b8175cb96ba3df02c392d.1501063673The Autistic market worldwide is 70 million. Many of us LOVE makeup. Some of us, like me, are very connected to it as an extension of personality, and tend to lean towards bright hair and amazing colors. The other major trend is very natural look. Many of us struggle with sensitivty and scent. Some with texture too.

Right now we have another complication too – Most people don’t realize Autistic women are real. Often we’re told to our face that we can’t be Autistic because we’re female. Or have to read headlines about us being “lost generation” and other malarky. Autistic women know who they are — just because neurotypical scientists haven’t figured it out yet — not our problem. But unless Siri sends me the wrong direction, I know right where I’m at … typically.

20158006_10154670691072823_1659509825782338287_oAutistic women often identify with unicorns, because we’re elusive mythical creatures — and you can see us and yet deny we exist to our very face. It’s awful. Other groups vilify our movement because it will “normalize” Autism, and Autism should be eradicated.

The only cure for Autism is finding a genetic marker during pregnancy to provide the eugenics option, and future extermination of Autistics. This is the same cure for Down Syndrome – which is at 65-100% abortion selection in US, UK and other major countries.

Now the world thinks their discovering us. Get real. We have large online communities dating back to the beginning of the internet and many secret/private groups.

We face alienation, discrimination and otherness our whole lives. Can’t even get face lotion marketed to us — but they want to make money off of us to donate to our extinction.


Can you help us be seen? Can you help us show others Autistic people love makeup too? Maybe help us take first steps to define us as a market with major value — and not just the dreaded impending Autistic apocalypse.

If you’d like to know more about Autistic culture and community, please feel free to email me — or other communication. I’m really hoping I can switch to your product and feel positive that it’s fabulous and in no way affiliated with Autism Speaks. Share about products with the Autistic community and let them know where their money is headed isn’t deadly for us.

Makeup is art for me. A coping skill, a routine for when I go out (must have this) and allows me to express “me.” That and I just looooveee it.

Thank you for your time.


Eve Hinson (Reiland)

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