Press Release | Kiehl’s faces backlash from Autistic community for campaign supporting ‘hate group’

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[For immediate release] Kiehl’s faces backlash from Autistic community for campaign supporting ‘hate group’

Following the recent launch of the #KiehlsxAutismSpeaks campaign, Autistic people have taken to social media to express their outrage over the popular beauty brand’s support for an organisation many of them consider to be a hate group. A petition asking the Kiehl’s to discontinue the campaign has received over 500 signatures since being launched on Friday.

Autism Speaks is known for its history of promoting dangerous fringe theories of autism and supporting abusive treatment of autistic children. For many years, the organisation prioritised research into a proposed link between childhood vaccines and autism. This theory gained popular traction with the 1998 publication of a now-infamous study in The Lancet. But despite the fact that 10 of the study’s 12 authors formally retracted it in 2004, followed by a…

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