Cleaning my room 

the silent wave

Would-be “lyrics” to existing songs aside, I have come to realize that I see much more of my life through a lyrical filter than I had allowed myself to recognize. That is to say that since I realized that I’m on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum, and found the descriptions of autistic traits and blogs by other autistic people, I have re-allowed myself to re-recognize that I do view life through my own semi-animated lens after all. Of course, this was stifled fairly early on by remarks such as “cut the dramatics” and other toxic comments.

I’m done with that. I’m handcuffing it; it’s not the boss of me.

There will be a re-learning process for sure, and I believe that my re-entry into my natural thought-stream will ebb and flow, but eventually I’ll arrive, being true to myself, unbridled, once again.

Take something as mundane as cleaning, for instance. Painful and…

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