Matthew McConaughey and Kiehl’s Benefit Autism Awareness (A$ Warning)


Learn how to raise and support autism awareness with Matthew McConaughey’s new Kiehl’s partnership

Source: Matthew McConaughey and Kiehl’s Benefit Autism Awareness

Eve Hinson · 

This unbalanced reporting has got to stop in publications. If you speak about autistic people, include us. We have 70 million strong population and the #actuallyautistics recognize Autism Speaks as a hate group — where are the autistic adults at? Come find us at #REDinstead and learn about our community and culture. We are a people – not a pathology, not a tragedy, not a vaccinated monster or hidden or lost. Get real information by and from real autistics — including autistic mothers of autistic kids. Get got this parenting thing down a bit easier (like minds and all) and would love some NT allies to help bridge this gap of misunderstanding. Autistic kids have a right to a future without the blue light of hate. We are a minority and a people. #nothingaboutuswithoutus #IAmAutisticandIVote #autisticandproud

Autistics Against Autism Speaks | A Civil Rights Movement

In 2005 Autism Speaks was founded to find a “cure” for Autism. The organization launched a massive wave of Fear Porn-styled advertising to raise an incredible amount of money in a very short amount of time.

#fact | Autism is a brain neurotype – not a disease. It can’t be cured. #AutisticandProud

#fact | The only “cure” for Autism is a genetic-marker test during pregnancy. This would result in the same “cure” society has for Down Syndrome: Abortion. This will lead to Autistic Genocide. #WeAreWorthy #NotBetterDeadThanDisabled

#fact | The only other “cure” for Autism would be complete human extinction.

#fact | The largest portion of Autism Speaks donations were funneled into research. Only 4% went to supporting existing Autistic children and families. Autism Speaks, until October 2016, main goal was genocide. Now the language has been changed to “solutions.” #supportnotcure

#fact | Autism Speaks refuses Autistics to participate in leadership and have zero Autistics on their board. #nothingaboutuswithoutus

This video is an attempt to more clearly portray and explain through authentic Autistic Voices the true history of our people in the shadow of the Autism Speaks machine.


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