Savage Stands by Autism Remarks (2008)  – The New York Times

Michael Savage, the incendiary radio host who last week characterized nearly every child with autism as “a brat who hasn’t been told to cut the act out,” said in a telephone interview on Monday that he stood by his remarks and had no intention of apologizing to those advocates and parents who have called for his firing over the matter.“My main point remains true,” Mr. Savage, whose radio audience ranks in size behind only those of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, said in the interview. “It is an overdiagnosed medical condition. In my readings, there is no definitive medical diagnosis for autism.”

3 responses to “Savage Stands by Autism Remarks (2008)  – The New York Times”

  1. If (and it would appear to be a gigantic if) this man is capable of learning anything he needs to speak to some autistic people about their experiences. Ignorant and offensive comments of this nature are always unacceptable, but from a highly rated radio presenter they are particularly so. I am autistic myself, and as branch secretary of the National Autistic Society’s West Norfolk branch am also heavily involved in autism advocacy.

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