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Evolution of Eve | Getting Help, Real Help for Severe Mental Illness

Stanford Hospital

Getting help. Real help.

(Written originally by Eve Hinson on her phone in an email to a friend on 9.9.13)

IMG_5610 (1)That or I’m ready for Halloween. These people are amazing. They have treated this before*and already have me set up for hypnotherapy, physical therapy and speech therapy.

It will take a long time but  going to learn how to manage this body and brain better. The light is not a train this time. And the food is amazing. Not sure when I go home, but they said I won’t go home until I get help.

*Functional Neurological Disorder (FND)


  • FND is due to a problem with the functioning of the nervous system and thought to be the result of the brain’s inability to send and receive signals properly, rather than disease.
  • FND is the second most common reason for a neurological outpatient visit after headache/migraine.
  • FND is more common than multiple sclerosis.
  • FND symptoms are real
  • FND can cause impairment in quality of life that is similar to other neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or Epilepsy.

Eve Hinson | July 2017
Eve Hinson | July 2017

Evolution of Eve | Rediscovering life then and exploring the now

By Eve Hinson, Badass Founder & Contributor | @badassactivist | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Tumblr

Memory loss, scattered focus, inability to track time, and an ill-known stigmatized neurological disorder, plus PTSD symptoms, have erased or complicated recall of Eve’s first 37 years of life.

Now in her mid-40s, Eve is Autistic AF and left with a brain that doesn’t include filters (she says fuck. a lot), likes to glitch and, after the memory wipe, created a new personhood. Eve is different to those who’ve known her from childhood. She is unknown even to herself and seeking to learn about her life from back then, and embracing life now.

This series focuses on self-discovery after the onset of severe mental illness, memory loss and permanent disability. It’s a different life and a worthy life.

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Badass Activist YouTube Channel | The OG

By Eve Reiland

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