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TAKE ACTION | National Disability Call-In Day TOMORROW [ASAN]

asanJoin ASAN TOMORROWJuly 12 for a National Disability Community Call-In Day to urge Senators to oppose the ACA repeal bill.

The Senate is planning to vote NEXT WEEK — and with a bill this dangerous, we can’t let up until there’s no chance of it passing. That’s why we’re asking you to join this call-in day – to intensify our collective voices and tell the Senate to defend our right to health care.

Phone-sign-free-clip-art-clipartixWhy call?

— A single day when we all converge on the Senate’s telephone lines will show them just how big, determined, and relentless our community is. The disability community has a long history of organizing and fighting for our rights – and we need to show the Senate that we won’t stop.

— Since postponing the vote, some Senators who’ve pledged to vote “yes” are using the extra time to try to bring more of the “no” votes over to their side. With all that backroom negotiating going on, we have to make sure our Senators know that no deal is good enough to justify taking our health care away. 

— Senators who oppose the bill need to hear from their constituents that they’re doing the right thing. Some Senators have pledged to vote “no” on the repeal bill, and that’s great! We need them to stand firm and keep working to convince their colleagues to oppose the bill.

Time for Action - Clock

How can I join?

However you do it, we need your calls during tomorrow’s national call-in day.

disability call in day

Here’s a script you can use:

My name is [your full name]. I’m a constituent of Senator [Name], and I live in[your town]. I’m calling to ask the Senator to vote NO on repealing the Affordable Care Act. This bill would take health insurance away from 22 million Americans, and destroy Medicaid as we know it. Disabled people in our state would lose access to lifesaving health care and be forced into institutions – all to fund a massive tax break for the wealthiest Americans. People with disabilities like [me/ my family member/ my friends] are not disposable, and our Medicaid is not your trust fund. Please vote AGAINST repealing the Affordable Care Act. We’re counting on you to do the right thing.

Tomorrow’s national call-in will be thousands of voices with one message: Healthcare is a human right, not a privilege afforded only to a select few. Every single person that calls tomorrow will help amplify our message and make sure that the Senate hears us. We hope you’ll join us.

P.S. – Need help understanding what the ACA repeal does? You can read about how it would change the ACA and Medicaid in our plain-language toolkits.

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