Rumor | Blue Sky Wellness Center Services Were “Privileges”


In a #PeersAtTheTable letter posted today, it was stated that Brenda Kent, Regional Mental Health Director, told peers of Blue Sky Wellness Center (managed by Kings View Behavioral Health) the hacked services were “privileges.”

With that out went the meals, coffee, laundry and showers.

Question: Are Blue Sky services “privileges” that can be revoked?

Let’s take a look . . . 

The MHSA Peer and Family Support Blue Sky Wellness Center Scope of Work, Exhibit A, identifies the target population as Fresno residents 18-years-old and older, including unserved and underserved cultural, ethnic, and linguistic communities.

Clients will participate in peer support driven wellness and recovery activities through education, socialization, life skills building (including independent living), recreational activities, employment supports, and vocational services.

The “Life Skills and Independent Living” section states that wellness and recovery program staff shall provide age-appropriate curriculum for life skills and independent living including, but not limited to:

  • Problem solving and skill development
  • Education about mental illness and client’s own role in wellness
  • Physical health and personal hygiene 
  • Housekeeping, shopping, and meal preparation
  • Personal budget and money management
  • Transportation
  • Housing – locating, financing, and maintaining safe, clean and affordable housing.
  • Social, interpersonal relationship and leisure-time skill training
  • Activities of daily living in community-based settings
  • Support Services for the basic necessities of life

. . . Wait, what? Yes, I’ll repeat that . . . 

  • Support Services for the basic necessities of life


So now the question is:

How does Kings View define services for the basic necessity of life?


About Kings View Behavioral Health


Kings View Behavioral Health Systems was founded in Reedley in 1951 by the Mennonite Central Committee to address the need for treatment of mental health.

In the 1960s and early 1970s, the scope of services was expanded to include drug and alcohol treatment through a number of community programs. In 1975, a day facility providing activity and work experience for developmentally disabled adults was established in Merced County.

A drug and alcohol prevention and restoration program was created in Fresno in the early 1980s.

In 2003 a Tele-Psychiatry program was launched to bring much needed psychiatric care to patients in more rural areas who may not have local access to such facilities or lack transportation.

Mission Statement

To provide community behavioral health and social services to those with limited resources, in the spirit of Christ’s example of love, compassion, and respect for all persons.

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