Letter | “Privilege” Services Are Needed To Get Well, By Ronnie Kassis


I think Blue Sky should go back to being peer-led.

lettertoeditorInstead of hiring people who have lived experience with mental illness, management has hired people who have only read about mental health problems in books — and are straight out of college. They don’t know how to work with our population.

I am also unhappy about our services being cut. Nobody was aware that these changes would happen or had any say about the matter.

Brenda from Kings View suddenly came to speak to members and said all these services are going to be shut down.

She said that having meals, laundry, and shower services are all a “privilege” but everyone at Blue Sky knows that these things are NEEDED to get well.

I don’t like that they are just telling us what is going to happen instead of giving us input in what happens at our wellness center.


Ronnie Kassis


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