blueskymain.jpglettertoeditorI’m a mental health-care consumer, member, and volunteer at Blue Sky Wellness Center, which is a center managed by Kings View and funded by Proposition 63.

It provides services for people with mental health issues such as support groups, resources, activities, and a safe place to go without fear of stigma.

Recently there have been major changes to the center, including the elimination of meals, laundry, and more. Such services are essential to people’s wellness.

How can one focus on mental health without proper nutrition and hygiene? These changes took place without notice to the peer advisory council which is supposed to help guide management decisions at the center.18516569_10158721329495444_2117957016_o

The center has changed from one supportive of positive change to a top-down, clinical, cold atmosphere where peers don’t feel welcomed, cared about, or represented.

The management claims that city code enforcement is pressuring them to make these changes. Such actions are negatively impacting our mental health and contributing to more problems for the community at large.

Blue Sky is considered a second home to those who go there and is vital to assisting our community of peers to survive and thrive. My peers and I need support or this essential program will be eliminated. We want our home back!


Ashli A. Moore & 156 Peers


Bridgette Aday
Cody Aday
Alex Alcala
Kaitlyn Alipaz
Rahul Baba
Auxiliadora Bahazar
Frank Barajas
Harnishad Kaur Binner
Janelle Castillo
Brandon Davis
A DelaCruz
Jaelon Fierro
Edith Garcia
Nelson Garcia
Joel Gonzalez
Skylar Hauman
Chai Her
My Vnah Her
Tanner Jessup
Len Jones
Sal Juarez
Rachel Kanu
Katrina Lewis
Jesus Leyua
Blake Lindsey
Brentlee Lindsey
Bianca Lopez
Donevan Lopez
Miranda Lopez
Natali Reyes Lopez
Blaine M
Patrick Madina
Lee Major
Savannah Miller
Bibiana Montes
Joe Montijo
Branden Mozattan
Julieda Nouv
Caesar Padua
Lilly Panzak
Marta Ramos
Adrianna Randle
Efren Reyes
Jason Russell
Caroline Salas
Jesus Salvador
Beatriz Santos
Lillian Senh
Sierra Serrato
Bethany Shirk
Daniel Sigue…
Liz Silva
Jaskaran Singh
Monea Stribling
Christian Taylor
Andrew Vieira
Ryan Vieira
Kyle Vierra
Yeng Vue
Brooke Weber
Madison Weber
Lindsey Willmon
Mandy Yang
Pa Zong Yang
Elizabeth Zedd
Adriana Zerbini
Jintang Zhang
Ryan Ziessler
Michael Kalin Martinez
Lucio A. Garcia
Christian Torres
Janaka Jagannath
Crystal Rocha
Susan Manzi
Geatana BiCrunk
Joe Corrales
OJ Dewana Long
Larry Roberrtso
Lulu McDonald
Kenneth Williams
Bonnie Keller
Patrick Demera
Steve Daugherty
Deborah Rolin
Randy Earl
Henry Carbajal
Rebekah Valou
Richard Santos
Caleb Moen
Patricia Camavena
Gilbert Sanchez
Jordan Huse
Robert Beltron
Andrew Martinez
Charlene Contreres
Delilah Zapien
Isaac Rodriguez
Joshua Smith
Johnny Camarena
Herman Hector
Andrea R
Max Miliano
Teddy Pendanas
Epifanio Jimmez
Eleanor Bausal
LaTanya Mccoy Brown
Cornelius Brown
Barbara Smith
Kelly Iroy
Jose Medina
Jerry Mulford
Robert Clem
Sonia Rocke
Brenda Jackson
Sam Vongsanit
Sam Ochoa
Savannah Fouler
Sara Fickerman
Adolfo Ruiz
Alexander Gardner
Sidney Bowen
Sephora Charlene Garcia
Patricia Ross
Damien Maitin
Nyree Beeward
Jack Carter
Manuel Perez
Jennifer Latiro Learie Jackson
Stephanie Williams
Marvin Williams
Mary Palmer
Rodger Lopez
Jay Maxwell
Cana Rodriguez
Michael Ashbury
Ruben Garcia
Lorenzo Zauda
Virginia Erbach
Gregory Holliday
Manuel Pena
Jerome Armstrong
David Gutirrez
Anthony Barnes
Elaine Garcia
Sandra Olivas
Sandra Munez
Salvador Martinez
Maria A. Casillas
Jayjoel Fernandez
Juan Gonzales
Alexia Acosta
Zachery Scott
Lacee Hyatt
Emmett Elliott
Eve Hinson


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