lettertoeditorMy name is Bryan Elliott and I am a former client, volunteer, and PAC representative at Blue Sky. 

I am unhappy with the current management. 

I left Blue Sky because I was physically threatened by a member.  The director chose not to take any action after I submitted a complaint to him. I then went to a member of management who wrote everything down. She turned in all of her notes to the director.  When I asked him about it, he denied ever getting the notes.

I was also treated like I was paranoid. 

I feared for my safety going there after this because a client there threatened to kill me after he found out I was dating his ex-girlfriend.  My girlfriend has a restraining order against this member because there was domestic violence involved in their situation.

I haven’t returned to Blue Sky because I fear for my safety there.   The client who threatened me is still a member of Blue Sky and is a registered sex offender, which makes him even more dangerous.

I would like something to be done about this situation.  Thank you.


Bryan Elliot

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