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Boycott: 51Fifty Energy Drink Promotes Mental Illness Stigma


Please show your support to #TheReal5150 by boycotting 51Fifty Energy Drink for promoting stigma of having a mental illness. You can show your support and follow the campaign on  Encourage retailers to help break the stigma of having a mental illness and discontinue carrying this product until they can create a better name and slogan. Having a mental illness is not a choice. Being a badass is a choice.

Let 51 Fifty Energy Drink know you’re boycotting them on their social media channels:

Twitter: @51FiftyEnergy



Also, let them know in an email that you are boycotting their brand until they do better with their name and marketing slogan, “Live The Madness.”

Write a letter:

51 FIFTY Energy Inc. 257 E. Bellevue Road, PMB 5150 Atwater, CA 95301

Give them a call:


Here are the details listed on the call for a boycott on the app site

buycott1024Having a mental illness is not a choice. Having autism is not a choice. Being a badass is a choice.

1 in 4 have a brain disorder. 1 in 17 have a severe brain illness. Stigma affects every aspect of mental health care. Many die without being diagnosed and untreated by suicide. Many others suffer the complications of having an illness and battle the disorder and the isolation stigma creates.

It’s not OK to name a product after an illness and perpetuate stigma. It’s not funny and it’s not cool. 51Fifty Energy Drink mocks those who are The Real 5150. It ignores the insult it slaps on 1 in 4 folks to promote their “Live The Madness” as a choice.

We’re more than a label. It’s time to take a stand and break the stigma of having a mental illness. It’s time to tell others that it’s not OK to use the term 5150 as a joke, as an adjective to describe someone as mentally less-than, or as a description for behaving like a bad ass. Having a brain disorder, more commonly known as mental illness, is not a choice and the stigma hurts.

It hurts me. It hurts our children. It hurts our families and communities.It’s time to educate society on the suffering, pain and tragedy of what it means to perpetrate stigma on #TheReal5150. Please join me in boycotting this brand until they can find a better way and name to promote their product.

Who is this campaign for?

  • This is for the human who’s been labeled a 5150, officially or in slang, and must experience the stigma while they battle a life-threatening physical brain disorder commonly known as mental illness.
  • This is for the desperate parent of a child that has had a mental break and dialed the digits to report an emergency not knowing if their child will receive mental health help or handcuffs, but having to do something just the same.
  • This is for the folks in uniform who arrive on the scene, and often without appropriate training or support, have to make the call if the person qualifies as a 5150.
  • This is for the social workers, therapist, psychiatrists, EMTs, caregivers, loved ones and community members who can see the tragedy, but have to operate in the current system to provide help.
  • This campaign is for the mother who had to place a restraining order on her son because even after the call was made, appropriate treatment and help were unavailable.
  • This is for the judge who must decide whether or not to grant the request of a desperate heart.
  • This is for all of those who went through this process like a revolving door, finding more confusion than help – or perhaps — were lucky and found treatment that changed their life.
  • This is for advocate who wants to help break the stigma of mental illness, highlight the tragedy of our mental health care system, and humanize our plight.
  • This is for you to participate in your community, be a part of the solution and create a better way.

This is how the company, 51Fifty Energy Drink describes themselves on Facebook:
What’s in a name?

51 FIFTY (5150) is the California Legal Code for someone who is a danger to themselves or to others.

Are you 51 FIFTY?
Are you someone that does not quit?
Are you always pushing the limit?
Are you unable to feel fear?
Are you up for any challenge?

If so then join us….

We are 51 FIFTY.

51 FIFTY Energy Drink contains an extraordinary blend of the Maca and Astragalus Roots which are known to increase energy, boost your immune system, strengthen vitality, improve sexual desire and raise resistance to fatigue. We have also added the additional benefits of Ginseng, Taurine and Caffeine. So…..

Grab a can and Live The Madness!

This is how 51Fifty Energy Drink describes their company on LinkedIn:
In 2007, Carlos Vieira hadn’t shaken his childhood dream of becoming a racecar driver. And even though he was already a successful sweet potato farmer, the then 35 year old decided to take a chance and pursue that dream. He used the fact that everyone thought he was crazy as inspiration for the name “51 FIFTY”.

Over the years, Carlos has had many things pushing him to succeed in the world of racing. Money, however, was never one of them. He donated his winnings to a local nonprofit and eventually established The Carlos Vieira Foundation to support families of autistic children. The charity’s own grant program is currently thriving in five Central California counties with aspirations of reaching many more. Overall, The Carlos Vieira Foundation donates to numerous programs nationwide aimed at research and finding a cure for autism.

In an effort to increase autism awareness and help others just like Carlos realize their dreams, 51 FIFTY Energy Drink was created. The beverage has a refreshing flavor without the sugary aftertaste that other energy drinks have. 51 FIFTY Energy Drink has a blend of Maca and Astragalus roots which are known to increase energy, boost the immune system, strengthen vitality, and aid in the resistance against fatigue. Our drinkers also enjoy the inherent benefits of ginseng, taurine and caffeine.

Due largely to the success of 51 FIFTY Energy Drink and community support in 2013 the CVF was expanded to include Race 2B Drug Free and Gloves Not Drugs. These programs were designed to help kids live their lives without drugs or gangs. Originally designed to fund speakers in schools now includes an after-school program. CVF teamed up with MCSAL (Merced County Sheriffs Activities League) to give financial support to boxing rings in Atwater, Delhi and Livingston.

A portion of every can sold goes toward The Carlos Vieira Foundation which gives our supporters the satisfaction of knowing that they are also contributing to a great cause.

For more information on the social media awareness campaign visit

By Eve Reiland

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